Perhaps the most widely injected substance in the world, "botulinum toxin A" has been widely used to relax wrinkles and creases in facial skin. The method of injection of small amounts of this substance is used to relax facial muscles that pull on certain areas of the face. The ongoing action of these muscles will create visible lines in the forehead and brow, around the eyes and lips as well as around the nose and neck area. These muscles are responsible for many facial expressions: frowning, smiling,
puckering, etc... and eventually leave marks and wrinkles. When combined with exposure to the sun, other environmental elements, and dietary agents, these expression lines can cause skin to look tired, damaged, and droopy. Dysport is widely used to alleviate these signs of aging.

Dysport Treatment (0-3 days)

Note: Only a licensed professional with the knowledge and skill required to achieve optimum results should administer Botox treatments.

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