IV Nutrition 

Dart IV (60 seconds)

Dart IV is our proprietary blend of B-vitamins, essential amino-acids, peptides, anti-oxidants, biotin, and a few secret ingredients all packed into an IV push delivered into your vein in under 60 seconds. Essential for the on the go athlete, busy business professional, and/or jet setter. Patinet must be well hydrated prior to Dart IV to insure all vitamins are infused. 

Infuse IV (30-60 minutes)

Infuse IV alows us to add higher doses of vitamins while also hydrating your body to its fullest potential. Hydration is key for the mobilization of vitamins. Infuse IV is a combination of electrolytes, b-12, and vitamin C followed by Dart IV for maximum absorption. Infuse IV is essential to keep your immune system strong and healthy while enhancing energy & stamina, decreasing body fat, allowing your body to grow more muscle, and making you feel great. Infuse IV also helps to reduce the symptoms of illness, fatigue, and of course cure a hangover! Takes 30-60 minutes to complete infusion. 

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